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This novel features my favorite character of all, Jade Martin. The setting is one I know very well, but, due to various considerations, I would rather not say how. Unlike my previous work, this one includes a lot more of the supernatural. That said, I think everything works, logically, at least, and the result is one of which I’m quite proud.

Incidentally, I was lucky enough to have the assistance of a psychiatrist on this one, who graciously read the manuscript and helped out a lot on technical issues and the general feel for Jade’s condition. Happy to say, he loved the story and came back to me with a raft of needed corrections and flat-out mistakes. Thanks, Doug!

Living on Bar Time
My first stab at a more “literary” fiction, Bar Time grew out of a conversation I had one night with my pal Dan over a game of pool. Speculating on the effects of US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, we wondered about bars. What if one was to go to utterly devastated places and be the first to set one up? Hell, you’d make a mint, even in a Muslim nation! And thus were born the MacCraes the Kerns, and the Doyles. At it’s base, the book’s about family; family secrets, betrayals, and lies. But on a deeper level, it says a lot about the American Dream and the moral and ethical responsibilities that we all face.

Ball of Snakes
This novel leans heavily on my experiences hiking in the Colorado Rockies with my brother. A pretty straightforward survival tale, it moves along very well, I think, and the characters are ones with whom a reader can readily identify. Or despise; the chapters centering on Jerry, the antagonist, still give me the creeps. I also like the descriptive aspects of this one, but then again, the Rockies, alive with the unabashed magnificence of Nature, made that part easy.

Five Little Monkeys
My first novel. A bit rough, yes, but the characters and plot are some of my favorites and there’s a certain feel to it that I still like. Most of the characters in the book are based either on people I know or are a composite of two or more. Thanks, guys!

The science stuff in this book is a boiled-down, layman’s version of reality but is, nonetheless based in fact; an RFE (as described in the novel) would shake the foundations of modern commerce and world-wide computer security.


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Blame it on Fruit Brute


All content on this website copyright 2005 Jim LaVigne